what kind of ANGEL am i?
the beautiful angel?
the magical angel?
the alluring angel?
or.. a Goddess?

This is a first quiz ever created by Angela. She believes that every girls are angels. But, which one? take this quiz to find out!
This quiz is just for fun, if you're satisfied with the result.. good.


So.. now you're an angel... just imagine that!

I have the magic power then..
Oh, really? waii.. i have wings!
Yes, with all of the beautiness
Deep inside me, I am an angel
Yes, I'll try to.

Who would be the first that you help?

People who are heart-brokened
Stray and abused animals/pets
War victims, poor people
People who believe
Everyone, I have the power.

You'd have one angelic power, what would it be?

Power to soothe sadness
Power to cure people
Power to make the world peaceful
Power to heal mother earth
Power to read peoples minds

Would you punish people who are mean?

Depends how mean they are.
Noo! I'd just try to change them
It's God's bussiness, not mine
I'll do it, so they'd never do the same again
I'd talk to them through minds to change

World peace?

Save people who are close first
Isn't that kinda difficult?.
I'm dreaming of it :)
If only I had more power to actualize that..
... world peace...

You saw this 5 year old boy screaming, "Gaaaahhh! I don't believe in God!"

Sprinkle a little magic so that he'd believe in God
In his dream, you appear, then say "Cute boy, please do..."
God please forgive him...
I'd make him see me, the angel of God
Believe in me then..

Your outfit/appearance would be like ?

Calming smile, with a wide wings as shelters for people who need you
White, all white, clean and innocent
Classic beauty and sweetness
Artistic, with extreme beauty and aura
Sparkling and divine, they'll know it

by Angela